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Why PostSocial
With Social Media constantly evolving, what’s “In” today can be quickly “Out” tomorrow. 
New innovations within the social media space are moving at a fairly rapid rate of speed and it’s a matter of time before the next big thing will come along. As a recruiter you might be wondering what’s the best way to keep up?
At Post Social we don’t align ourselves to any one particular social media provider. Sure, at the time of writing Facebook, Linked-in and Twitter appear to be the current fore runners and are indeed all fully integrated and covered by our tool. But, if you had asked this question 18 months ago, the answer may well have been Friends Reunited, Myspace, Bebo or something completely different.
Our Job at Post Social is not to limit you to just certain specific social media sites, it’s to ensure that you are given access to ALL of the social media sites available in the market PLUS any that are new to market, that you may wish to later add. 
We keep you updated of market changes, all from the one portal. As soon as the next best “big thing” comes along, we will add it to our technology. 
We make job posting onto social media sites, nice and simple. With our low cost technology you can very quickly gain from the additional exposure to your jobs and your brand that the online social media audience offers. If you are not already taking full advantage of this audience, you should be.
Post Social helps you increase your Job vacancy exposure to social media in an instant. We are the first comprehensive online resourcing tool exclusively available to HR professionals and Recruiters that provides this service. 
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